Investing Partnership

Investment Strategy

Investment strategies are designed to meet the objectives of investors by providing access to Australian real estate opportunities that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

Anton Capital distinguishes itself through the combination of opportunistic acquisition philosophies with value enhancement programs designed to create high quality, liquid assets at a cost base well below replacement cost or current market value. We aim to consistently apply this value-orientation investment philosophy and believe that such strategies will continue to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.

Through superior local knowledge, strategic alliances and execution capability, Anton Capital identifies opportunities to create value through a combination of market dislocations, management inefficiencies and capital restructures. The resulting favourable cost basis provides significant downside protection, while offering substantial upside opportunity.

During management of the investment, Anton Capital is able to leverage its complimentary skillsets and collective experience across capital markets and direct real estate to evaluate and mitigate risk, achieving optimal reward through improved cashflows and value to the investment.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Anton Capital has four distinct strategic areas of focus:

Complex Situations

Typically involve multiple disciplines of real estate investing and can exist across a range of different situations including public to privates, privates to public, control and minority transactions, ownership or capital structure illiquidity, where the underlying asset is under-valued.

Entity re-capitalisations / Distressed Debt

Taking advantage of public and private markets arbitrage where capital is required to restructure ownership, re-capitalise over-levered portfolio's/assets, provide liquidity to minority investors, fund additional acquisitions or undertake a buy back of a company's stock because a significant discount exists between its share price and its net asset value.

Value creation opportunities

Involves situations where an assets underlying value compares favourably to its long term intrinsic value through either a repositioning strategy, or, active asset management to improve near term cash flow.

Sensible contrarian investing

Identifying out-of-favour sectors or markets through intense research driven focus and exploiting capital or product misalignments.

Partnership Models

Anton Capital operates within three distinct partnership models:

      • End-to-End Investing Partnership
        Full investment model incorporating opportunity identification; deal structuring & execution; financing; active asset management; and monetisation.
      • Joint Venture
        Opportunity and partner identification; deal structuring & execution; financing; strategic management oversight; monetisation.
      • Board or Strategic
        Opportunity identification; deal structuring and execution; proactive advisory approach with management involving; establishing strategy; active asset management and business plan oversight; negotiating debt and other financing facilities; acquisitions and divestitures; developing and implementing staff equity schemes; establishing strong governance and transparency; monetisation.

We acknowledge that each partnership model will have a different economic arrangement to ensure that all parties participating in the transaction are appropriately aligned with the capital partner and their relative contribution.

Anton Capital will fully utilise its management expertise to deliver on each of these strategies. Resources are allocated to ensure the optimal investment outcome which may involve a specialist third party skill set in some circumstances. Through our network and experience as an active investor at a board or strategic level, we have access to a range of specialised operator partners if the situation requires, together with a proven track record in working with the management of operating companies to deliver value.